360 Video Shooting

We provide 360 video shooting from ideas sketch & cameras planning, but also post-production such as stitching videos, fixing stitched line, colour correction.  We also design 360 graphics for your social media campaigns such as Facebook.
- 360 Camera Shooting
   - Stitching Services 
   - Fixing Stitched Line
   - Colour Grading
   - Insert Graphics
   - Output Render
- 360 Graphics Design
   - Ready for Facebook
   - Great for Market Campaigns
   - More messages can delivery           in one image.
   - More Interactives

Samples of 360 Graphics

 (Above Video) 360 Post Production Workflows                                                                                                                      

 (Above Images)  Post Production : Before & After fixing the stitch line, removing the tripod and colour grading 

Aerial Photography Services